May Focus

Our FOCUS for May is ✨BETTER THAN _________(fill in the blank)✨

⚓️What could you challenge yourself to be better than? ⚓️Who could you be if you pressed beyond the mess? ⚓️Who could you be if you recognized you are better than the issues? ⚓️Who could you be if you understood that you are better than your current situation? ⚓️Where could you be if you could see beyond your greatest obstacle? ⚓️Who could you be if you recognized that God never designed you to settle? Could you be better than THAT? ✨✨✨✨✨✨✨✨✨✨✨✨Everyday we’ll do these exercises for 1 minute; each week we’ll challenge ourselves to do the set interval for the week. (Week 1=1 round, week 2=2 rounds etc.) READY? Let’s get better!!!

Repeat after me … “I AM BETTER THAN THIS”
Whatever your focus; strength, endurance, balance or flexibility; every effort is making you better!
Fitness is NOT about being better than someone else…it’s about being better than you use to be. ⚓️Fitness is NOT just a physical thing you do, it’s what happens in your spirit, soul & body. ⚓️Fitness happens when you make a decision, the decision produces a habit and the habit produces change. ⚓️Change won’t happen without a challenge. The challenge produces a better person from the inside out when we don’t resist the challenge, but instead allow it to reshape us, from the inside out. ⚓️It may feel too difficult or like the work you’re doing isn’t producing anything. You may even feel as if nothing is happening the way you intended, trust that The Lord is working this in as you are working out!

Keep your heart pumpin’ and spirit movin’; don’t give up, your better is coming!

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But we have this treasure in clay pots so that the awesome power belongs to God and doesn’t come from us. We are experiencing all kinds of trouble, but we aren’t crushed. We are confused, but we aren’t depressed. We are harassed, but we aren’t abandoned. We are knocked down, but we aren’t knocked out. So we aren’t depressed. But even if our bodies are breaking down on the outside, the person that we are on the inside is being renewed every day. We don’t focus on the things that can be seen but on the things that can’t be seen. The things that can be seen don’t last, but the things that can’t be seen are eternal. (2 Corinthians 4:7-9, 16, 18 CEB)


Be blessed by this encouraging word from Beth Moore.


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