Back To Basics: More for less, For not enough


The power of your own words & belief in yourself is mind blowing! I wrote these words in my journal the other day after listening to a phenomenal message by Christine Caine concerning our “not enough”!

She said, “Jesus cannot multiply what you don’t recognize”!

Wow. Man, I know I’ve prayed that enlarge my territory prayer more than a few times recently but hearing those words i wondered had I even recognized what I already had.

These words stuck in my heart & I slept with them! Funny thing is I couldn’t sleep. I kept waking up checking the clock. When I finally fell asleep, I overslept and woke up to the sound of my kids getting themselves ready for school & my husband getting ready for work!

Oh man. That’s perfect ingredients for a foggy-brained ‘unglued mama moment’ as Lysa Terkeurst calls it!

But this morning was different. Today was peaceful. No, today was pleasant. Almost joyful. That’s it, I felt joy & peace in my home. I couldn’t chalk it up to being well rested cuz I wasn’t. All I could do was consider the words I heard before I laid down the night before.

I praised & thanked God for my family, my marriage, my home, my opportunities to change lives through fitness. I thanked Him for what I often considered not enough. I believe He took that and magnified it overnight so that I could see it the way He sees it.

I believe I can’t do everything, have everything, be everything; but I also believe if God needs me to do something or be something He can & will cause me to have something.

(Ephesians 3:16-20) Beyond what I could even imagine that something to be, He’s doing it and my praise to Him has become something I can’t contain. When you find something really really good you want to tell everyone and right now I want to scream it as loud as I can that GOD IS AWESOME!!!!!

“God never asked us to do everything. He just asked us to do something.” – Christine Caine


Enjoy this message with Christine Caine, I pray it blesses you, gets your heart pumpin & spirit movin!




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