Back to Basics: Knowing what gets your heart pumpin’ & spirit movin’.

Live Move Be

‘For in him we live and move and have our being’ – Acts 17:28 NIV

What moves you? For me, literally a great rhythm with lyrics that make you want to tear down obstacles & take on the world. Music has an awesome power! Whether it’s a melody soothing my spirit or a beat that thumps deep down in my soul, it has a way of moving me toward my goals. It’s like a spark to help me live with fire!!!

Inspired by my fellow FitFluential Ambassador Fitness Cheerleader I’ve compiled my top 5 workout songs that seriously get my heart pumpin…

1. Walkin’ on Water – Lecrae
2. Don’t Wait – Addison Road
3. World Hold On – Bob Sinclair
4. Shake, Break, Bounce – Chemical brothers
5. No Te Cambio – Funky

Comment below with your top 5, I’d love to compile a list by the end of the challenge! Your playlist might just become the soundtrack to get you where you’re planning to be. Make sure it’s sending you down the right path!


So how’s this challenge going to work?

During this back to basics challenge one of your goals is to determine what get’s your heart pumpin’ & spirit movin’?

What drives you to be inspired, to move you toward finding your “Sweet Spot” as Max Lucado refers to it. That space in your life where you feel like this was made for you!

Your WHO

Reference: You’re Already Amazing by Holley Gerth (Finding Your Who)

Use this fun little acronym S.T.O.R.Y. to find your spirit movin’ potential.

What verbs would be used to describe you?
Done with little to no effort
Knowing your strengths will lead you to your sweet spot and people will pay you to live there. Romans 12:6

What are your nouns?
What objects do you enjoy working with.

O-optimal conditions
What factors trigger your motivation?
What gets you going? Building or maintaining, clearly defined or open-ended possibility, assembly-line assignments or boundary less opportunities?

Some people are stimulated by groups, others function better alone,
Know your ideal relationship pattern

What are your yes moments when you say “I was born to do this”?
When do your strengths, topic, optimal conditions and relationship patterns converge in an ultimate YES!!!

Source: Cure for the Common Life by Max Lucado (S.T.O.R.Y. pg 143)

Daily Challenge:

  • Set 3 Goals (one to get your heart pumpin; one to get your spirit movin; one to get you anchored)
  • complete the back to basics fitness circuit
  • set up/log your daily food journal on (be sure to ‘friend’ me so I can hold you to it)



Let’s Stay Accountable:

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