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We’ve been talking about learning the ‘how-to’ basics of abundant, intentional living under the umbrella of three key areas: Eat, Pray and Live. As we wrap up this challenge, I wanted to talk to you about why you simply need to stand up more. My friend and fitness colleague Melissa diLeonardo joins us for a guest post on this Back To Basics truth.

But first, I’d like to invite you to join us for some really cool things happening here for the month of September.

The past several years  we’ve read through some amazing books; the list can be found here; last year we had an awesome opportunity to read & discuss the book The Best Yes by Lysa Terkuest both here as well as a few casual conversations at Refresh Summit.



This year, we’re taking that one step further. Together across several communities of women I am locking arms, grabbing cups of coffee, pulling up a chair and a embracing peace that is way beyond understanding with Simply Tuesday by Emily P Freeman.  Grab a copy and join us beginning September 1st. Join the discussion on our Facebook Page , Instagram & Periscope. Post your images using the hashtag #itssimplytuesday And of course, I’d be super excited if you could join us at Refresh Summit.



September is also an opportunity for you to celebrate healthy living with Women’s Fitness Day, Childhood Obesity Awareness Month, Fruits and Veggies Matter month and so many other reasons to get healthy!!! 

As always, I’ll be sharing tons of resources for each of these healthy celebrations throughout the month. Until then, let’s get BACK TO BASICS: Why you need to stand!

We set new goals every year, every month, sometimes every day. Goals are reached, crushed and sometimes rewarded but other times goals need to be rerouted. No matter what the goal, no matter what the effort you put in or the set back you experience, the Back To Basics approach is to honor where you currently stand, adjust your focus and keep movin’. Right? Yeah, so what’s that verse in Isaiah that says something about trusting in the Lord & renewing your strength…

I couldn’t help but give you a theme song to your new action plan!!

I’m Still Standing by Elton John

Don’t you know I’m still standing better than I ever did
Looking like a true survivor, feeling like a little kid
I’m still standing after all this time
Picking up the pieces of my life without you on my mind

I’m still standing yeah yeah yeah
I’m still standing yeah yeah yeah




Take a minute and try to calculate how many hours a day you spend being sedentary. This includes time in bed, in the car, seated at your desk, or relaxing on the sofa. Do the math. The average American spends more than 15 hours a day not moving. This abundance of sedentary behavior and “prolonged sitting” is making its way into the media and for good reason.

Prolonged sitting and daily inactivity have been linked to an increased risk of chronic disease (heart disease, cancer, diabetes, and stroke). In addition, prolonged sitting can affect your cholesterol, mood, posture, and overall productivity/mental focus. Many people think that 30-60 minutes in the gym can offset hours spent sitting, but new studies show 30-60 minutes of exercise cannot offset 15+ hours of inactivity. Although daily exercise is good for you, it is not enough to combat prolonged sitting throughout the day.

This post is not intended to scare you.

Many people have occupations that require them to commute to work and spend most of their day at a desk. If this is you, fear not; there are plenty of ways to keep moving throughout the day. When combined with regular exercise and good nutrition, these strategies can help with weight management and leave your feeling more aligned and energized. They can also decrease your risk of chronic disease and help you get better sleep. (With all these potential perks, what do you have to lose?)

Here are 10 ways to include more activity into your day. They do not require a change of clothes and should not leave you sweaty.

1) Park your car farther away when you arrive at a location. (You may have heard this before, but every step counts.)

2) If possible, use the stairs. It’s a quick way to get more activity into your day.

3) Email less, personally interact more. Take a quick walk over to your colleague’s desk instead of emailing them for small inquiries.

4) Stand up during every phone call.

5) Use an activity tracker and set goals for maintaining steps/activity throughout your day.

6) Stand up and move or stretch every 60 minutes. Walk to the breakroom, try basic office stretches, etc. – get your blood flowing!

7) Take fewer shortcuts at the office. Use a copy machine/printer or washroom farther from your workstation. (Again, every step counts.)

8) Take time to walk the dog, play with your children, or walk when doing nearby errands.

9) Stand up to change the channel or adjust the volume on your television.

10) Find a buddy for a daily activity break. Walk around or outside the office or your neighborhood.

There are products now on the market to help you move more during the day. Standing desks, handheld accessories and fitness trackers can also keep you motivated. If these items appeal to you, they can really help. If your budget is tight, no worries; remember our bodies were made to move.

Movement does not need to be tricky or complicated. Try adding more activity into your day little by little and see if you don’t fall in love with what you were designed to do.

Melissa diLeonardo is the Program Manager for Corporate Movement at Life Fitness Corporation. She also serves as a consultant for and Master Trainer for Life Fitness Academy. Prior to her work in corporate wellbeing, Melissa worked as a Certified Personal Trainer, Group Fitness Instructor, and Registered Yoga Teacher. Based in Chicago, IL, she is a brand ambassador for ReebokONE and FitFluential.

*DISCLAIMER: (aka – the legal stuff I have to tell you)… this post may include affiliate links for which I will be compensated for any purchases made through these links; however all opinions are MINE.

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