2 Weeks: U9 – What do you want?

Know what you want and want what you know! 

*photo credit: Piperlime.com “Let’s Get Dressed” campaign.

Ok. It’s time. So what is it that you want?

10 lbs.

Thinner thighs.

Flatter abs.


More energy.

Part of knowing what you want is accepting what you already have.

What you have right now. What about the beauty in that?

Here’s your challenge for today.

Write out YOUR plan.

What do you want YOUR fitness to look like?

What do you want YOUR nutrition to consist of?

What do you want YOUR ‘success’ to feel like/look like?

I came across this today and thought this might be an inspiration to you as you write out your plan.  The Beauty of Now   -keep movin

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