Fear or freedom

What moves you?

Fear or freedom?

What stirs the motives of your heart, your words, your actions, your thoughts, your time, your habits, your movements ?

Is it fear or freedom? —————-

We get to decide if the life we live is one birthed out of the fear that God won’t or can’t do it for us so we might need to do it for Him; OR maybe that fear has whispered the opportunity to measure your life with the standard of someone else’s failures or successes; or maybe fear has tainted you with the mistakes, misuse and abuse of your past OR maybe, we get to decide that what He has planned for us is based on the promise that He made in His Word before we were ever born and that promise is being fulfilled (regardless of the interruptions & delays) in due time, so we have nothing to fear and are in fact not shackled to the lie that it’ll never happen.


Today’s passage from Galatians 4 talked about the ways we function (actually dysfunction) in self-sufficiency and find ourselves incomplete yearning for more.
Galatians 4 offers us the truth of the story of Abraham, Sarai and Hagar how they birthed one thing out of self-sufficiency and literally birthed generations of slavery and then birthed something from the root of The Promise and birthed generations of freedom.

Isn’t it so true that we are living out of a place of fear based self-sufficiency when our well intentioned goals are completely dependent on what we can perform, discipline ourselves and do for ourselves we find ourselves by ourselves and frustrated. BUT GOD.

This is where I am today. And honestly I’ve wrestled quite a bit with the lie of “you know better, you should look better” and had to come toe-toe with the enemy and dare him to answer me when I asked “KNOW BETTER THAN WHAT, LOOK BETTER THAN WHO”…but Y’all I couldn’t ask that question in my own strength because I would have had all sorts of lists of comparisons to measure myself.

I had to come face the enemy from the place of freedom not fear.

Today, I’m surrendering my body. From the Wellness Revelation detox I’ve learned that I haven’t fully done that. I was still comparing myself with myself (both the old self that knew how to go hard and even the new self that owned freedom) and God revealed that I was doing it trying to prove something. I know that He wants it all, the know how and the cluelessness.

So today I surrender all.

So what motivates you? Fear or freedom?

2 Thoughts on “Fear or freedom

  1. This is gooooodddd!! You just spoke so much truth in my life! Since marrying 9 months ago, I’ve gained a few pounds. I have to admit, not being able to fit into pants I wore just a few short months ago weigh heavily on my conscience. The devil slings lies at me like: You’re fat! Your husband won’t love you!

    To answer your question, if I’m honest, I’ve been moving in fear. My thought process for moving my body and consuming mostly high octane fueled foods has been to get back into those pants! I straddle the fence between fear and freedom. I know my body is a gift from God. That moving my body is worship to Him, not because I want to look a certain way. Knowing this, I bring my ill-thoughts to the Father. I ask Him to help me. I tell Him how much I desperately need Him!

    Now to the truth you spoke in Galatians 4!!! It reminded me that I don’t want to produce a body out of self-sufficiency. I can workout all I want. I can eat 100% clean but I know there’s NO freedom in that! Instead I choose to stand on the promise. The promise that says He’ll help me. That His suffficiency is enough.

    Today, I stand with you. I’m re-surrendering my body to God. Whatever He wants to do, is fine by me. Whatever it is, it won’t be produced out of my own efforts, but His!

    Thank you for this wonderful reminder. It’s exactly what I needed today!

  2. Donna on August 9, 2017 at 6:04 pm said:

    So good Amia!!! I think in different areas of our lives, at different times of life, even of the day, that those choices can shift from one to the other. Since freedom is a journey, with VICTORY already purchased, we can always be moving in the right direction with intentionality, asking the HOLY SPIRIT for revelation, FREEDOM is always within REACH. THANK YOU JESUS!

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